“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou

As soon as I discovered the magic of reading, the desire to write rooted itself within me. As a child I crafted pretend newspapers and penned short stories (when I wasn’t devouring library books by the armload), and in fifth grade I won my first writing competition. It was then I decided I’d be a writer, and I never faltered in that decision. 

I received my undergraduate degree in communication with a journalism concentration, and over the years I’ve been a travel blogger, magazine intern, freelance writer, reporter, and assistant newspaper editor. 

But my greatest love is fiction writing.

A lifelong Connecticut resident, I’m obsessed with New England and love sharing about life in the Northeast.

When I’m not trying to make a slew of characters behave, I’m adventuring with my family, and love to travel, read, cook, run, and savor the magic in the everyday. Some of my favorite things include the Christmas season, Paris, pink, polar bears, PSLs, starry skies, Oxford commas, sunrise, macarons, and avocados.

I’m currently working my way through an endless TBR and a notebook of book ideas.

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